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Is your Business looking after all your little visitors ?
..... become child friendly with Toys for Time

Telephone: +44 (0) 1284 703071

Toys for Time Limited
provide inspirational and exciting waiting room childrens activities, seating and flooring, offering the widest selection of activities at the best prices. We can supply a range of activity tables, bead tables, activity tables, activity cubes, activity wall panels to entertain younger visitors together with impact absorbing flooring, wall art and seating. We can also help you create a wonderful themed room environment from a well chosen range.

Great new wall murals to brighten up your waiting areas

New, fantastic, exclusive vinyl wall murals with bespoke designs that can be tailored to your wall length and height and would accommodate any Toys for Time Wall Activity panel of your choice. 

A collection of wall murals that can transform a dull play area in an immersive and engaging children’s space suitable for all ages. Unlike traditional murals our bespoke designs integrate a selection of wall-based activities providing you with a fully integrated design solution for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods. We can tailor our graphics to suit your needs including corporate branding and integrating new or existing wall based activity panels.

Wall mural

... We can help you design and create a solution that is unique to you and your business.

  • Child friendly time absorbing activity tables, activity wall panels
  • To promote your business image as welcoming for ALL your customers
  • Perfect for your waiting rooms and showrooms, helps keep children happy
  • Create a relaxed environment for everyone, even those without children
  • Have more quality time with your customers/ clients with less distraction
  • Save time for you by minimal cleaning, no tidying or inspecting
Suffolk, United Kingdom. Tel: 01284 703071
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Vat Number: GB 860 596009